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Mad Men on tonight
I've only just started watching this at Season 3, which the BBC are currently showing. I'm finding it quite compelling. The lawnmower incident (I'll say no more) was an unexpected delight, and made me realise that I'm probably not going to be able to predict what happens next in this show (but not in a crazy, over the top Lost or Heroes kind of way, where it will turn out all of the events took place inside a seagull's rectum and everyone turns out to be everyone else's dad and Bruce Willis turns up and he's a ghost. In a good way). The most intriguing character is of course Mr Donald Draper:

Kind of gone for a bit of a Hanna Barbera thing with the linework there. Don't know why - the 1960s thing, maybe.

One of the best things about Mad Men is the opening title sequence. In fact I'd put a bid in for it being the coolest opening title sequence on tv: